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If you know your user name but not your password, you may try a password reset using the ‘forgot password’ link available on the login page. However, please be advised that the ‘forgot password’ link will only respond to the initial email address you provided and known to us as the Main Jigsaw Contact for your school or organisation. Entering a random email address here may result in you being blocked from using this site.

If you do not have access to the original email account or that person has left, you will need to contact our office on +44 (0)1202 377193 or by email to to have that person removed from our records and a new contact added. We may also be able to reset your password at the same time.

If your password is changed, you must inform every other member of staff who uses this system, or they will create a series of failed login attempts resulting in a ban.

Important: if you do not know the correct name and password combination, DO NOT ATTEMPT further logins, or our system will flag your activity as a potential unlawful hacking attempt, where your entire site (all your computers and devices) will be instantly blocked from accessing this website. If you become blocked, even a correct login will be denied. We will then have to go through a process of identifying you before our team can remove this block.

There is only one login per school/organisation/setting which is shared between the relevant subject teachers.

Please ask your PSHE / Health and Well-being Subject Leader or another member of teaching staff, as they may be able to provide you with the correct login details.

If you started using Jigsaw prior to April 2019, your school should have been issued with a temporary shared/generic login. This would have been sent by email to the last Subject Leader we had on our customer database.

If it is not in their email system, these emails sometimes become falsely marked as spam or junk by rules on your system, so we advise those folders are checked, just in case.

If you still can’t find your login user name, you will need to contact the main office on +44 (0)1202 377193. You will be asked a number of questions so we can verify your identity, your school and which product your school purchased.

Important: if you do not know the correct name and password login, DO NOT ATTEMPT further logins, or our system will flag your activity as a potential unlawful hacking attempt, where your entire site (all your computers and devices) will be instantly blocked from accessing this website. We will then have to go through a process of identifying you before our team can remove this block.

This occurs if repeated failed attempts have been made to access our system.

It is unusual that your individual account is locked, it is more likely that your physical internet connection is banned from logging into this system. The latter means, no matter which computer or web browser you use, ALL DEVICES sharing your internet connection are banned at the same time!

If you are told this is a temporary block, then you can try again later in the day when the block may auto-reset.

Failing this, you will need to contact our team to have your site unblocked and they will ask you a series of questions to verify your identity which you must satisfy before they can reset the security measures.  You may contact our main office on +44 (0)1292 377193 ( or our technical team on +44 (0)1409 295 290 ( who work slightly different opening times.

It’s not! It’s the same as accessing other online services. All you need is a user name and password.

It is a school’s responsibility to remember or record their own account login information.

Jigsaw offers valuable teaching resources and training services and our sites regularly suffer from cyber-attacks from all over the world, attempting to either disrupt your ability to access them, to steal our digital products, or worse. To best protect our site, we use a number of different technologies designed to identify, track and block such attacks using predefined rules and database lookups of known attackers.

Customers can be misidentified as attackers if their behaviour matches these rules which include repeated attempts to gain access with incorrect credentials.

We also have a third-party run malware scans every day, and the result is displayed at the bottom of this web page.

In theory – yes!

However, we highly discourage this practice for many reasons.

Web browsers can often be set to remember passwords, but these systems are not fool-proof and can be tricked into giving up your login details to a cybercriminal. There are many password vault type applications that will also store such details outside of the web-browser, not all of these come from reputable sources!

When you share a login with multiple users using different computers, if one of you changes the password on your account, these automated systems will often just push through the old password each time you visit the page and result in users being locked out of the website due to repeated bad login attempts, and at worst, your entire school being blocked.

Please refer to the help/instructions for your particular web browser or password vault to change the settings for our website(s).

Help with your Account

Firstly, remember that this account is shared with other relevant staff members. If you change it, you must inform them right away or they could lock your entire school site out of our system if they try repeatedly with the old password.

To change your password, go to the Welcome page and the ‘Your Subscription’ tab.
Click the button ‘View your account’
Click Account Details from the left menu
Scroll down through your account details, enter your current password, your new password, (and again in case you type it incorrectly either time), then click ‘Save Changes’.

Schools new to Jigsaw 11-16 will are sent their unique login soon after purchase to the main contact you provided at the time of purchase by a return email. Please check your spam/clutter/junk folders too, in case it was diverted away from your inbox for some reason before calling our office.

Having an account identifies your school/organisation to our website.

Our website knows which products you have purchased and what supporting materials should be made available to you. The site responds depending on this information, so every user’s experience is customised from the moment you log in, until you sign/log out.

In the original version of Jigsaw, we had a shared community area, but when we revised materials, it was difficult and costly to send schools the necessary updates, and the old website didn’t know which updates should be sent to which users. Having a unique account now enables us to get the right updates to the right people more easily and encourages schools to check-in when they want to and see if something has been updated. This works better than us just sending out emails when sometimes they never make it through, ensuring you always have the most up to the minute materials.

The email address associated with your account is the one we will use to contact you in relation to your account and the current and future materials that are made available to you on this site. Therefore, you should ensure that this contact address is always up to date and correct it if necessary.

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